Underground Bunkers: The Next Step For Preppers

Every prepper knows the importance of securing the basics for survival: food, water, and shelter. It’s imperative to have a healthy stockpile of canned goods, vacuum-sealed rice and other grains, 55-gallon drums of treated drinking water, and means to turn these items into meals such as rocket stoves or propane burners. The last basic survival need is a little bit trickier. A sturdy and protected shelter is necessary for many SHTF situations; this can be hard to achieve in a standard house or even a basement. In the event of, say, a nuclear attack, a more robust form of shelter is needed– enter the underground bunker. 

Building an underground bunker is an overwhelming prospect to be sure. While many aspects of prepping are centered around a DIY approach, this is not one of them. There are shipping containers that are specifically designed to be lived in and they can be buried underground. They offer the sturdy protection needed in an emergency situation and are already assembled. Basically, all you need is to dig a big hole (also with the help of professionals) and you can drop your shelter in place. Then, you start outfitting the bunker to your needs and specifications. Some people actually join a few containers together to create a more expansive living space and allow for plenty of storage room. 

When determining the size of the bunker, a few things have to be taken into account. The size of your network–family, friends, neighbors, or anyone else you may feel the need to protect during a crisis–the possible duration of your stay, and of course the number of supplies you will need in order to wait out the disaster. 

There are underground bunker sizes and configurations to fit every family’s needs and lifestyle, so you will be protected no matter what size group you have. Having a safe place to go in case of an emergency is a smart way to prepare, and also a way to bring comfort to your family, by knowing you are ready for whatever happens in the future.