What Does A Complete New House Septic Installation Entail?

septic tank

If your old septic system is having too many problems or to the point where it just isn’t functioning anymore, you have to get a new one. A new septic installation is a large project, so it can be helpful to understand the process a little better. This will help you to make sure that your contractor is on top of things while also ensuring that you understand all the details of any installation quotes you get.

Three Parts

Your septic system will include three main parts. This includes the tank, which goes underground, along with piping. Then there is the leech field where the treated waste eventually ends up once it leaves the tank through the pipes. You must have all three components.


When your contractor comes to begin the installation, he or she will start by digging in your yard. There has to be a space dug to put the tank and then a trench dug to lay piping to your house and to the leech field. Then, then the tank will be put in and the pipes hooked up. The leech field will also be created. It will have gravel and sand in it. It should be away from your home so it doesn’t bother you with smells or other issues. Water is hooked up to the system, and it is then ready to use.


Most areas have some specific laws governing septic systems. This includes how and where they can be installed and any required permits. You should make sure you are familiar with your local laws and that the contractor you hire is always familiar with them. This will help avoid issues in the future.

Septic tank installation is a rather large project. You can expect it to disturb your yard. There is no way to get around this. Understanding what this process involves can give you a peace of mind.