Trench Drains are Safe and Effective

Trench drains can be found in more places than you may realize.They are used on roads, in food processing plants, at the end of driveways, near swimming pools, in parking garages, locker rooms, and many other places. A trench drain is a narrow trench made from concrete, metal, or polymer based materialthat is level with the ground and covered by a grate.It allows surface water and other liquids to drain from the area quickly to help prevent flooding or pooling.They can be anywhere from one inch to two feet wide and as deep as four feet.

Because liquid is removed from the area quickly, this helps to reduce slip hazards, protect property from flooding, and extend the life of paved surfaces. All of this can be accomplished while remaining virtually unnoticed by the average passerby.

In the past, drainage systems were simply a ditch in the middle of the problem area. Passerby’s or individuals working in the area had to be aware of the ditches and step over them to get where they were going.If the ditch was in the middle of the road, drivers had to slow down to protect the underside of their car. Now, thanks to trench drains, these areas are safer and easier to navigate.

Concrete and asphalt are excellent surfaces for driving, walking, and working.They are sturdy and have the ability to last a long time.However, when water and other liquids puddle on top of these surfaces, it breaks them down, destroying their integrity and causing them to fail prematurely.By using a trench drain, these surfaces are better protected and will last a long time.

Trench drains seem to be an ideal solution to the age old problem of flooding and ponding in areas where moisture is not wanted.They protect flooring, make areas safer and eliminate tripping hazards associated with drainage.