Regular Cleaning of Your Septic Tank Can Prevent a Messy Situation

Septic tanks allow homeowners to live away from municipal sewer systems and still have a sanitation system in place. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t spend enough time thinking about their septic tank which can lead to serious problems down the road. Proper septic tank cleaning and maintenance can ensure the waste management system of your home is safe and functional.

Maintenance Schedule

How often you maintain the tank depends on the amount of waste regularly transmitted in the system. A large household may need to maintain the tank sooner than a small household with less toilet usage. The average time span for a septic tank pumping is every 3-5 years. A contractor can evaluate your household usage, tank size and other factors to provide a more accurate assessment of how often you should have the tank pumped.

False Products

Like any area of life, there are always companies peddling a quick fix or instant result, but many of these products fail to live up to their claims. Choosing a product to increase microbes in the system to prevent more frequent pumping may sound like a good idea but doesn’t make as much of an impact as you may think. Failure to pump according to the suggested schedule could lead to complications and backups.

Flushed Products

One easy way to prevent serious problems in your system is being conscious of what you flush. Regularly putting grease down the kitchen sink or flushing items other than waste in the toilet can lead to a backup in the system. Avoid putting non-organic materials in the tank. Use septic safe toilet paper to avoid filling up the tank quickly. The microbes in the system only eat organic waste, so inorganic waste simply builds up causing problems.

Regularly scheduled your septic tank cleaning to avoid a messy situation that needs immediate fixing. Putting it on your radar and being conscious of your usage can keep your system in top shape for years to come.