Is it Time for a New Septic Tank?


If you are like most people, you want your septic tank to continue to function properly for as long as you live in your home without you having to think about it.Septic systems are usually buried out in the yard somewhere where you don’t see them and can go day after day without giving them a thought.You flush your toilet, take a shower, and do your laundry, all without thinking about how hard your septic system is working.Then, one day, you may look out in your yard or at a drain in the basement and notice that something is not right.You have a puddle and it’s not just water.What are you going to do?

A septic system is comprised of a tank and drain pipes. In the tank, waste water and material collect and are broken down by bacteria and enzymes. As they break down, liquid is formed and leaves the septic tank through drain pipes. The liquid then soaks into the ground and is gone.Most systems are not able to break down all of the solid material in the tank and have to be pumped about every three years.

If your tank has been pumped recently and you still have a puddle, it is possible that your family has outgrown your tank and it is time to look at installing a larger one.It may also be that your tank is getting older and the concrete is starting to wear out. Tree roots can also be a problem as they spread and clog the septic drains.Any of these things can cause serious problems that are best dealt with by a professional.

Septic tanks are a great way to eliminate waste from our homes.Usually they function without a problem.When things start to go wrong, it’s time to consult a professional to determine if it is time for a new tank.