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Ignore the Asphalt and Choose Concrete


Concrete is a popular choice for driveway construction, and for several good reasons. Whether you are looking at building a home, purchasing a new residence or upgrading your existing paved surface, consider the benefits of installing a concrete driveway.

1. Concrete is aesthetically pleasing.

It can be easy to ignore your driveway and forget about the impact it has on your curb appeal. However, the place where you park your car plays a leading role in the first impression of your home. Although many are familiar with the creamy off-white appearance of concrete, it can actually be stamped and colored to customize the look of your concrete driveway.

2. Concrete can be easily maintained.

Many people assume that there is no need for maintenance on a durable surface such as concrete, and even though it will stand up to heavy wear and tear, some regular cleaning and sealing will keep it in great shape. To keep the color looking good, pressure washer the surface seasonally, when pollen and other debris could potentially stain or discolor the surface. It’s recommended that you apply sealer at least once a year. These things don’t take much time nor are they costly.

3. Concrete is durable.

If you choose to have a concrete driveway installed, you are looking at a product that should last between 25-50 years. When you factor in durability, using concrete is an affordable long-term investment. When properly installed, a concrete pad can withstand the weight of the vehicles parked on top of it.

Even though you might be tempted to save money and try to DIY your driveway, concrete is a job best left to the professionals. Pouring enough concrete for an entire driveway requires careful calculation that includes the load bearing purposes, drying time, and mixing properties. Turn to a company with experience in laying concrete for your driveway.