How to Protect Your Family With an Underground Shelter


During the cold war era (1947-1991), many homes were constructed to include underground shelters that could withstand the anticipated nuclear attack. The fear was a real, everyday concern for many Americans, so they did what they could to protect themselves and their families by building underground bunkers.


The uncertainty of the world’s current political state, increase in criminal activities, and fear of natural disasters had once again given rise to an interest in safe rooms, shelters, and bunkers. Here are a few facts to consider when choosing one for your family.


Although constructing underground bunkers can be expensive, nothing compares to the cost of the lives of your family or friends. Finding a specialist that is experienced in designing, constructing, and maintaining an underground shelter is the first step. There are many types of underground building designs available, so let your professional know what requirements you have. Depending on the construction, the shelter can be built to withstand earthquakes, warfare, radiation, and many other man-made or natural disasters.


Panic rooms are another type of protective shelter. Many are designed to exist above ground, but others are underground rooms that can then serve a dual purpose. Keeping your family safe is the top priority of a shelter, so making sure it is well-equipped with food, water, and adequate ventilation is essential. Also essential is finding an experienced contractor that is familiar with all the fine details necessary when building a successful underground bunker.


The next step is to discuss your needs with your contractor to specify what type of shelter you want and which disasters you are trying to avoid. A shelter against hurricanes may be built very differently than one built to withstand bomb and radiation damage. Also, plans can easily be altered before construction begins, but those same alterations can be very costly once the building commences.


Before making any decisions, contact a trusted contractor. He or she can help you make an informed decision about which type of underground bunkers best fill your needs.