Whenever a sewer line becomes blocked or there are problems with drainage, there may be several different causes. While many homeowners immediately assume it’s a simple problem that can be readily solved with a few at-hand solutions, the reality is that the majority of sewer line repairs should be handled by an expert.  


There are many issues that may lead to problems with sewer lines. The plumbing may be old and corroded, leading to leaking or drainage issues. Landscaping may also be a factor, with tree roots invading the pipes and causing blockage. Owners of older homes may find that the ground shifting and settling around sewer lines could also present a problem, since a movement of an inch or two could throw off plumbing lines, leading to an eventual blockage and leak. No matter the issue, whether it’s a simple pipe blockage or an entire system that needs to be replaced, it’s best to leave this job to professionals.


When it comes to sewer line repairs, timing is critical, since potential water damage can be costly, damaging and may even require the homeowner to temporarily relocate. Homeowners should immediately contact a professional if they suspect a problem. Waiting can lead to a failure in the sewer line, leading to a potential contamination of water source, and a public health hazard.


Homeowners with older septic tanks may find that they need to schedule regular appointments with a licensed professional, to routinely clean out pipes and perform general maintenance. This is a savvy move, one that may prolong the life of the system, and postpone a full-scale replacement by a few years.


No matter what issue leads to sewer line repairs, it’s best to be proactive about servicing. Many homeowners may find that it’s most cost-effective to call in the professionals rather than try to handle it themselves, and in this way avoid costly repairs further down the road.