Do You Need a Sewer Line Inspection?


Sewer line inspections can be expensive, but they are often the only way for homeowners to know whether they need sewer line repair. An inspection can reveal any problems with the sewer line between your home and where it ties into the main line that’s kept up to date by the local town, city or municipality. From the main line to your house, any needed pipe repairs are the homeowners’ responsibility. Not all sewer line problems are immediately obvious, so an inspection can help you determine whether a sewer line repair is needed.


When A Sewer Inspection is a Good Idea

Any time you’re experiencing sewer problems such as a sewer backup you should contact a professional and request an inspection. This can help them determine where there is a break in the line or an obstruction that is preventing waster materials from getting to the main sewer line. A video inspection will quickly prove whether the problem is in the section of the sewer line that is your responsibility.

If you receive notice from your town or municipality stating that you need sewer line repair on your property, you can protect yourself and determine where any repairs are needed by having a video camera inspection done. In most towns, an order to do repairs has to be complied with within a certain amount of time, so get an inspection done as soon as possible.

When you’re considering buying a house, it’s a good idea to have a sewer line inspection done before making an offer on the house. Once you’ve made a down payment on a house, any repairs will be your responsibility. An inspection can help you budget for repairs. If extensive repairs will be needed, you may even want to negotiate the price based on any needed repairs.

Contact a local professional in your area and ask for a quote on the cost of a video inspection. The results will show you clearly whether you need sewer line repairs.