Common Signs of Septic Drain Field Problems

septic tank

A properly functioning septic system is something many people take for granted. Only when a problem begins to surface do you realize how crucial your septic drain field is. Here are several signs that you may need septic repair. If you notice any of these indicators, then you should contact a licensed professional right away.

One sign of a potential issue with your septic drain field is the unusual presence of puddles. If it hasn’t rained recently and you notice more puddles, then it could be a sign that your drain field isn’t functioning properly.

Another common indicator of a failing drain field is backed up pipes. Over time, septic pipes can become congested with waste. This can inhibit the overall function of your septic system. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you have your septic system pumped every five years.

These backups can sometimes affect the functioning of your toilets. If you notice that you have to flush the toilet multiple times for it to get rid of the waste, then there may be a backup in your drain field.

A strange odor coming from your drain field can be another sign of an emerging problem. A strong smell can indicate that the waste is not draining properly and is actually collecting in the soil instead.

Finally, one tip for ensuring that your septic tank stays in good condition is to have it inspected every year or two. This can help you address any potential problems before they get worse. Septic issues that are left unaddressed can gradually worsen and in turn be costly to fix.

As you can see, there are several easy ways you can identify if there are any problems with your drain field. If you recognize any of these signs, then you should reach out to a licensed professional that specializes in septic repair.