Construction uses concrete in a variety of forms and purposes. Precast concrete has been used since 1905 to provide high-quality, durable concrete that is uniform and molded to a specific form. The forms are made in precast plants under controlled conditions curing to exact specifications. The managed environment is superior to that of most outdoor settings for concrete construction. The low maintenance, easy install, lower costs and durable strength of using concrete precast molds make them a great choice for your construction project.

Low Maintenance

The concrete material has a greater resistance to insect damage and rot. Not having to replace worn or damaged wooden boards makes the material idea for anything outdoors, beneath the ground or as a foundation for a building.

Easy Installation

Choose the color, shape, finish and size of your precast concrete molds. The molds save on labor expenses with their simple connection technology. The time it takes to install is lessened with the easy connections and exact specifications of the mold.

Lower Costs

Reusing the precast molds saves the construction project money. The variety of applications make the concrete a great option for stormwater drainage, terminal buildings, water and feed animal troughs, landscape retaining walls, hazardous material storage, storm cellars and cemetery vaults. Use the molds over again to create the project at a lower cost.

Durable Strength

Home construction benefits from the durable strength of the material. The concrete handles high winds and is chemical and fire resistant. Sandwich insulation between two layers for a home or building that keeps cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Design the precast concrete to accommodate pipes, windows and doors to make finishing the construction project easier. The time and money saved using the concrete allow for faster construction and more projects completed. The strength and durability of the material make them a truly versatile product in numerous applications for commercial, residential and municipal uses.