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Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Repair


Nobody likes to think about sewer line repairs, but they have to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent them from leading to even larger problems. Fortunately, there have been great improvements in sewer line repair technology in recent years. Trenchless repairs make fixing problems in your sewer line easier, quicker and less expensive.


Less Digging Needed

Before beginning repairs, a video camera will be sent through the sewer pipes in order to pinpoint the location of any obstructions, broken pipes or leaks. Because the exact location of the problem can be found, you won’t have to pay someone to tear up your sidewalks or uproot your landscaping to find the problem. In some cases, no excavation at all will be needed.


Interior Coatings Can Prevent Future Problems

Part of the trenchless system of sewer line repair includes the application of an epoxy resin on the inside of the pipes. This protects your sewer pipes from future breaches by tree roots and helps minimize the chances of a burst pipe.


You’ll Save Money on Sewer Line Repairs

Because you don’t have to do a lot of expensive excavating or replacement of sidewalks, landscaping and turf, you’ll save a nice chunk of change because there is less labor and fewer supplies needed. You’ll also save money on labor costs and repair time.


Repairs Will Last Longer

Any time you have sewer line repairs done, you’re investing against future problems. With trenchless repairs, sections of the pipe will be replaced or repaired with stronger, more efficient pipe, coatings and liners that are highly resistant to tree roots and other problems. The installation of seamless pipes, epoxy coatings and stronger materials are all possible with trenchless repairs.

To get an accurate idea of your savings, hire a professional to give you an estimate on trenchless sewer line repairs. You’ll be impressed with how much money you can save while improving your sewer line’s efficiency and strength.