3 Signs To Look Out For as Your Septic System Ages


If you live in the country side, you know about septic systems and how vital they are to your family’s health, happiness, and daily life. Not only does your shower water enter the tank, so does sewage, clothes washing water, and dishwater. Without a properly working septic tank, your life style could change dramatically. So, to keep your system healthy, there are some signs you should look out for as your system ages.

Odor Emanating From Indoor Pipes

Anytime the inlet lines in your septic tank become partially obstructed or completely blocked, an odor will begin emanating from the drain pipes. This could be any of the lines in your home, and the smell can be overwhelmingly foul. If you find yourself with an odor problem, call a septic tack cleaning company to find and remove the blockage before your home suffers a complete backup into sinks and tubs.

Water Appearing Above Septic Tank

There is a filter system under your septic tank that allows for water to seep back into the earth once it has been cleaned by the anaerobic and aerobic bacteria you add to the system on a regular basis. When the drain field becomes clogged or obstructed, surface water can suddenly appear in the yard above the tank because the tank begins to overflow. To correct this problem, call in a septic tank cleaning company that can evaluate the situation and find the problem.

Sewer Backup Problems Inside Home

The worst possible issue in a septic tank is the backup into your home. Not only is the odor unbearable, but the bacteria and toxins can be detrimental to your family’s health. With the help of a septic tank company, the lines can be unclogged, and your sewage can flow freely again.

Septic tanks are a standard part of life in the country side, but they do not have to be a problem if you know what signs to look for. Having a septic tank company on speed dial can help if you have any issues!