Clean Your Septic Tank for a Healthier Home

For those not able to access a city sewer system, a septic system is a necessary component of your home. Located underground, the septic tank is often forgotten until there is a problem. Septic tank cleaning helps you maintain and keep your septic tank working at top shape. Discover problems and issues sooner with proper maintenance.

Cleaning Basics

Every few years, your septic tank benefits from a good cleaning and pumping. A sewage backup into your home from a clogged or overfull septic tank is a health hazard and a giant mess. Save money by catching issues before they become a nightmare. Professional cleaning companies commonly clean the septic tank through manual removal, vibration device removal or water removal. They clean the tank by accessing one or both of the manholes. After the inside is cleaned, the outside needs a good cleaning.

Manual Removal

A professional uses manual removal as a last resort when other techniques haven’t worked. By entering the septic tank, the professional manually cleans stuck on sludge.

Vibration Device Removal

Professionals may use a vibration device for septic tank cleaning when there is hard to remove sludge or a lot of it. The professional fixes the device onto the bottom of the tank. The device sends vibrations to loosen the solid layers. Those layers can then be easily removed.

Water Removal

Cleaning the tank with water is the most common technique used by professionals. Solid material collects on the bottom. Disinfectants and water are mixed together and sprayed onto the tank to remove sludge from the interior of the tank.

Hiring a professional to clean your septic tank ensures that the process is done properly by cleaning both the inside and outside. Proper septic tank cleaning keeps the tank functioning and operating as it should. Plus a professional can spot issues you may overlook. Fixing issues before they grow into large problems saves you money and hassle.